Your Path to Health and Independence
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Building Strength & Self-Confidence

The primary goal of SteppingStone’s ADHC program is to improve the mental and physical health and well-being of our diverse clientele while supporting them in remaining independent within their community.

Our Therapy Services

Many of our participants first come to one of our four ADHC Centers after being released from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility, where they were recovering from an illness, stroke, or injury. SteppingStone provides the comprehensive therapies our participants need in order to regain their strength and mobility and their independence within their community.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is critical to individual success in our program. It restores and strengthens large muscle functioning that is required for daily living activities and also helps to prevent falls. Each of our participants have unique needs such as rebuilding strength after a stroke, re-gaining mobility after surgery, or learning to improve their balance to prevent falls and accidents.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy helps participants to restore and maintain the independent living skills needed to manage everyday household activities such as getting dressed, preparing a meal, or unpacking and putting away groceries.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy helps to restore an individual's ability to communicate through verbal or alternative means, addresses swallowing problems that may be associated with neurological conditions, and reduces the risk of pneumonia or choking.

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"Speech therapy really helped my memory after I had a stroke. Now people can understand me better."


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