Your Path to Health and Independence
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Support That Goes the Extra Mile.

At SteppingStone, our Social Work team works with participants to ensure they have access to the community services they need to live their best life. Whether a client needs assistance with finding housing, understanding their healthcare benefits, or navigating the city's social service system, SteppingStone will be there to help.

Medical Social Work Services

At SteppingStone, our staff is up to date on all of the benefits and community-based services that may be available to you. We help you to navigate what can be a complex system, and we are here to support you when an unexpected crises arises.

Connecting to Community Services
Whether you need assistance with housing or a referral to a primary care physician in your neighborhood, our Social Work team will help you connect with vital services.

Crisis Intervention
if you experience a medical or psychiatric crises, SteppingStone will be there by your side. We will help you navigate the system to get you the proper care you need. Once the crisis has been addressed, we will stay in regular communication with your treating physician and your family caregiver, should you have one.

Patient Advocacy
Our Medical Social Work team will help you to understand your health benefits and advocate for your rights. With ongoing changes to MediCal and MediCare our staff will ensure that you get the coverage that you are entitled to under the law.

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“I am so thankful because you have made my life easier. I know that she always takes her medication and she has an established routine that she enjoys.” — Mrs. B's Daughter


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