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Featured Participant

Mr. B is a 59-year-old man from the Philippines. He came to the U.S. and San Francisco in 1990 with his siblings and was able to reunited with his wife and family who were already living here. He started attending SteppingStone in 2013 when St. Mary's Adult Day Health Center closed. Mr. B is a very happy man and does not let his stroke hinder him from doing activities at the center including arts and crafts, table games, and Keno. He loves listening to music and chair dances along with a big smile on his face. Mr. B is part of a growing Filipino community at SteppingStone and his positive attitude is contagious among his peers and staff alike.

Previously Featured Clients

Please check back with us soon to view more of our participants and their artwork, poems and stories.


July 2016
Ms. K has been attending SteppingStone for 10 years, and is a master domino’s player. Unfortunately, she experiences knee pain and therefore wants to stay home fairly often. The staff kindly encourages her to attend SteppingStone so she can interact with friends, staff, and exercise. She admits that when she is around other people her pain greatly decreases, and she is able to think of others.   


June 2016
Ms.L has been living in San Francisco for 18 years she is a grandmother and a great grandmother, she has 7 daughters and 2 sons and 9 grandchildren. She was born in China but moved to Vietnam when she was a small child. She loves the weather here and enjoys going to Chinatown. Ms L has been coming toSteppingStone ADHC for 2 ½ years. She loves to draw, sing, exercise, and socialize with peers and staff. She is an active Mahjong player. Ms. L feels that the best part of coming to the center is the staff at SteppingStone who support her efforts to keep healthy and live independently.


May 2016
Ms. T attends SteppingStone Adult Day Health Center four times a week. She stated that she loves coming to the center for activities, exercises, and socialization because, otherwise, she "will just stay at home for the whole day having nothing to do".


April 2016
Mrs. G is 88 years old and has attended SteppingStone Adult Day Health for over a year now. She is originally from Guangdong, China and raised 8 children. Life was very difficult during that era, but she and her husband made ends meet however they could. But soon after her youngest son’s 3rd birthday, her husband became ill and passed away. Mrs. G ended up raising all her children alone, and eventually brought all of them to America. Given the hurdles she’s been through, Mrs. G is remarkably resilient and humble. She resents the fact that her health has declined over the years, but even with hypertension and diabetes, she still pushes herself to attend the center because she finds solace here, with the support of peers and staff alike. She loves to knit and has made countless hats and shirts. She also enjoys playing Keno and cherishes any prize she gets. She’s found a niche here at the center and is very thankful for all the work that our kindhearted staff do.


March 2016
Mabini Day Health participant Lonie had a stroke in 2008, and is paralyzed on his left side. More importantly, he is an artist who makes jewelry and t-shirts that he sells at concerts and festivals.  One day, he was sitting in the courtyard at Mabini, thinking about how much he loves SteppingStone.  He decided to design and buy t-shirts for the wonderful staff at Mabini. He said that if it weren’t for Mabini, he would not be able to live independently in the community.  He lived at Laguna Honda for a short time and felt trapped.  He loves SteppingStone because of the freedom that coming here affords him and he uses all the disciplines to help him: Occupational Therapist for his wheelchair, Physical Therapist for stability and walking, Speech Therapist for regaining writing and visual space skills, and Social Worker to help him with providers and other services. He is so grateful that Adult Day Health is an option for him.  As a token of his appreciation, he has designed a wonderful t-shirt that the staff at all SteppingStone centers proudly wear.


January 2016
" I like to receive treatment at SteppingStone Adult Day Health because all the staff members are fun, dedicated, and take good care of me."


December 2015
Ms C. has been attending SteppingStone Adult Day Health Center for 7 years. She has made good friends with other participants, especially in the activities she enjoys like Mahjong, Dominos, Arts and Crafts and exercising in the gym. She walks to the center every day and greets the staff with a big smile. She has said when her family is not easy to reach, SteppingStone ADHC staff is always available Monday through Friday


October 2015
P has been attending the SteppingStone for the past 4 years and has had a very interesting life. His parents immigrated to the African continent from India in 1923 to the British colony of Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.  Mr. P was born and raised there and experienced many historical events in this country’s struggle for independence.  His father worked in the luggage manufacturing business & eventually opened a successful retail business which sold men’s and women’s clothing, luggage, bicycles, and fishing tackle.  Mr. P and his 8 brothers ran the business with their father.  In 1960 there was a unilateral declaration of independence by a white minority government which invalidated the family’s British passports and stranded them there.  Everything became segregated and Mr. P and his family could not go to some public places and had to obey signs that limited entrance to, “Indian and Coloureds.”  At this time there was also compulsory army service to fight the native African majority who were called, “terrorists.”  The brothers were given shifts of service so that someone could always manage the store.  During this time Mr. P married and had 2 children, a son and a daughter. In 1980 the country of Zimbabwe was founded with a native African majority government.  Mr. P explained that life improved then as they gained more freedom, however he recalled that they suffered from many shortages and had to wait in line for essential items like bread and milk.  Both of his children married US citizens & petitioned for their parents to move to the United States.  Mr. P and his wife moved to Missouri in 1984.  After moving to the US he exhibited cognitive decline and became depressed.  He and his wife moved to the Bay Area a year later to live with their daughter and he was prescribed many medications that caused bad side effects.  When Mr. P began attending our Center in 2011 he was very withdrawn and did not say much.  In contrast he is now a very engaged participant and enjoys participating in many Center activities.  He especially enjoys when local High School students visit and play dominoes and sing karaoke with everyone.  He also enjoys talking about current events with the van driver who transports him to and from the Center each day.  Mr. P enjoys coming to SteppingStone Adult Day Health and praises the friendly and helpful staff here.  He says that they are “like family” to him."


September 2015
Although client is in her mid-ninties, she still exercises at the gym. She said, "I want to keep active and have good health."


August 2015
When we have visitors and special guests our participants like to entertain and sing songs from their place of origin. Ms. B has a lovely voice and grew up singing at home and at celebrations with her family and friends. To everyone’s delight she has introduced music and song from South Asia to the participants and staff.


July 2015
Mrs. B is an 86-year-old monolingual Korean-speaking participant who has been with SteppingStone since January 2004. She moved to San francisco to live near her children about 30 years ago. During the last 30+ years, her life has changed. She has lost her beloved 2 sons, which makes her suffer from depression. She also suffered from impaired memory, hypothyroidism, and multiple sites pain, which make her depressed more. She feels bored at home since there are not many things she can do. She needs a place to spend her day meaningfully and joyfully. SteppingStone has been her best friend. She pushes herself to walk here with her front wheel walker three times a week to socialize with her peers and do exercises to maintain her health. She enjoys participating in the activities here. Mrs. B greatly benefits from the services that help to relieve her stress and pain, as well as to prevent isolation and maintain her ability to live independently within the community. She appreciates being a member of SteppingStone where she can feel welcomed and respected.

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