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From the Executive Director

Fall is here and the holidays are upon us—a time to celebrate with friends, family and people that are close. It is also a thoughtful time and for me, that means I have a stronger desire to care for people who are struggling and in need. Seeing and hearing about hardships makes me want to do more to help and support. One person can only do what one person can do, but when we have a group of caring people helping others in need, it makes a tremendous impact and positive changes can occur. With the passionate and committed staff at Steppingstone, our participants are able to continue living independently in the community.

SteppingStone Staff members take special pride in tending to our participants’ needs and fulfilling their wishes. Our community is a great melting pot that welcomes all who want to be nourished, strengthened and united regardless of their age, race, disability, gender, etc. Stepping-Stone is a welcoming table and beacon of hope. I am thankful for the caring people who have given their time, talent and treasure to SteppingStone, and who have made a positive impact on seniors and adults with disabilities.

We can’t do this without help from the community! Please consider making a donation to SteppingStone Adult Day Health so that we can continue taking care of those in need.

Mollie Tobias, 
Executive Director

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Center

We are very thankful 2017 was an eventful year for all of us here at Golden Gate Center. Staff and participants learned a lot from each other. We learned new activities while cherishing the old activities. We endured changes. Embraced the new, and appreciated the old. We marked the end of 2017 with a fashion show to celebrate our participants and staff, each in their uniqueness. We had a blast, as we await 2018 with open arms for more excitement.

Lilian Uwuseba, PhD, 
Program Director


MIssion Creek Center

In a year of many changes, Mission Creek is proud to have such a strong, vibrant community of participants and staff. This year, staff worked hard to roll out our new double-shift model in an effort to reach more participants and offer more flexible scheduling options. And with renewed emphasis on expanding opportunities for engagement, this year also saw large numbers of new activities being offered to participants, including monthly live music performances, sushi-making classes, a reminiscence group, weekly field trips to the local public library, new exercise and art classes, and animal-assisted therapy visits from the SPCA.

Briana Lewis, 
Program Director

Presentation Center

2017 has been the year to “Age out loud,” here at Presentation Center. We celebrated Older Americans Month in May and SO much more as we welcomed new Activity Coordinator, Sandia Bruno in January. She is taking person-centered planning to a higher level and things have gotten very interesting here! Highlights include Black History Month, International Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day Fashion Show, Father’s Day Fashion Show, Warrior’s Victory celebration, Filipino Independence Day, Korean Independence Day, National China Day, my birthday ‘Quinceañera,’ and our three-month long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, which included recreations of The Dating Game and Love Connection, and culminated in a “pretend” wedding celebration of our two delightful Social Workers, Anna and Francis. The wedding day on August 21, the last day of summer, included the suggestions and multicultural aspects from the traditions of all of Presentation Center’s participants. Here is the Presentation staff and some of our participants showing our “Warriors spirit,” and Sandia and I celebrating our October birthdays. Join our community and share in the love and good times!

Nicole Clause, 
Program Director


Mabini Center

On August 21, 2017, Mabini Center participants had the opportunity to observe the solar eclipse. Pictured is an enraptured 83 year-old woman, Hui Chiung Li, donning solar viewing glasses, witnessing the incredible total eclipse. Ms. Li has multiple chronic health conditions, which limit her day-to-day functioning, and is cared for by her family. She attends the center five days per week for health care, social activities and family caregiver respite. Without participation in the Mabini Center, Ms. Li would lack regular preventive health care, would be isolated at home and her family caregivers would lack necessary support and respite.

John Tinloy, 
Program Director



  • Asian Pacific Fund
  • Carl and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
  • Chinese Community Health Care Association
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Metta Fund
  • Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
  • Touchpoint Foundation
  • True North Foundation
  • University Mound Ladies Home
  • Venable Foundation


  • Ajay and Kathryn Agarwal
  • Adelaida Alejo
  • Tree Allen
  • Theresa Anakpe
  • Anonymous
  • Jim and Deri Antrim
  • Lucia Avenis
  • Juliet Bergh
  • Charlaine Bivens
  • Wendy Bosch
  • Brian Brophy
  • Lily and Bruce Carp
  • Amparo Carreon
  • Edythe Chan
  • Kar Wah Chan
  • Soong W. Chan
  • Diana and Will Chang
  • Kelly Chang
  • Kimberly Chang
  • Kristina Chang
  • Charolais Care, Inc.
  • Caixia and Chunzhao Chen
  • Milton Chen
  • Phi Hin Cheng
  • Joy Choi
  • Chit Lee Chong
  • Kwok Ting Chou
  • Cindy Chow
  • Stephanie Chun
  • John Cooke
  • Nancy Cooke
  • Adele K. Corvin
  • Christopher Cowen
  • Crosby & Kaneda
  • Christina Decker
  • Florida Dellota
  • Shawn and Carol de Miranda
  • Department of Aging and Adult Services-City of San Francisco
  • Larry and Sue DiLullo
  • Jane Drake
  • Nancy Drew
  • Khai Duong
  • Nino Fajardo
  • Kathleen and Darren Fanelli
  • Suzhen Fang
  • Jim and Patricia Flanigan
  • Bruce Flynn
  • Joana Fong and David Morro
  • Mark Franken
  • Janet Garcia
  • Yung Choi Wong Gin
  • Robert Glavin
  • Sara Goldberg
  • Golden Coast Properties
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Lisa Goldman
  • Mark Grace in honor of Evelyn “Brownie” Rose
  • In Memory of Y.M. Hao
  • Chan Hei
  • Alice and Ching Ying Ho
  • June Hom
  • Amy Hong
  • Conrad Huang
  • Jin Zheng Huang
  • Wan Qing Huang
  • Karen Hui and Paul Sheng
  • Naomi Hulme
  • Fai Yu Hung
  • Yen Huynh
  • Dale Ikeda
  • Oscar Jackson, M.D.
  • Suzanne Keebler
  • Roxanne Kellam and Leslie Brandt
  • Charles Koehler
  • Hui X Kuang
  • Raaj Kumar
  • Susan Kenthar Lam
  • Carlene Laughlin
  • Helan Lee
  • Mary Lee
  • Shea Kui Lee
  • Stef Utomo Lee
  • Guo Qin Lei
  • Charlotte Levin
  • Caryl Levine
  • Mel and Liz Lewin
  • Die Ling Li
  • Jin Hao Li
  • Sue Yung Li
  • Zhuo Wen Li
  • So Liang
  • Tom and Carolyn Liesy
  • Cai Ying Liu
  • Jie Hai Liu and Gui Yue Huang
  • Ting Tung Lo and Chai Hing
  • Arthur Louie
  • Maria, Paul and Philip Louie
  • Lesley Luk
  • Li Zhuang Ma
  • Wai Har Lee Ma
  • Yiu Joan and W.H.L. Ma
  • Diane and Mack Mabry
  • Melissa MacDonald
  • Susan Maerki
  • Trish Mahoney
  • Molly Malone
  • Tom and Mary Malone
  • John and Gail Marcone
  • Steve Martinez
  • Patricia Maurice
  • Tom and Pat Mehlberg
  • Dick and Kay Meng
  • TJ Miller
  • Ina and Mark Monahan
  • John and Maureen Nunn
  • OakCare Medical Group
  • Octuple Quantitative Management
  • Robert Owen, MD. and George Wu
  • Bhamini Patel
  • Rui Yao Peng
  • Mary Poon
  • Laura Quach
  • Robert Quon
  • Linda Ratner and John Tinloy
  • Mary Reed
  • Tom and Helena Reidt
  • Yuan Fang Ren
  • Irene Riley
  • Reza Rodriguez
  • Monica Romanski
  • Samuel Romero
  • Helen Rosario
  • Consuelo Roxas
  • Alexander and Mariette Sawchuk
  • Vicki Ouyang Sayre
  • Bao Di Shi
  • Betty Shon
  • Rachel Shu, M.D.
  • Annie So
  • Miulam So
  • Ina-Katrin Stahl and Hendrik Bluhm
  • Moli Steinert
  • MeiLun Tam
  • Matt and Anne-Marie Tasto
  • Roy Thompson
  • Stephanie and Judith, ITF Stanley Tick
  • Don and Mardi Tobias
  • Mollie Tobias
  • Warren Tom in honor of Lun Gee Tom
  • Pui Chun L. Tong
  • Anh Ngoc Tram
  • Linda Tribbia
  • Patricia Van Brunt
  • Ailian (Irene) and Jiani Wang
  • Feng Ying Wang
  • Jian Wang
  • Maelin Wang and Chau-Chun Chen, M.D.
  • Margaret Ware
  • Ji Yu Wei
  • Paul and Cassie Westhead
  • Emma Tao White and Steve White
  • Rachel White
  • Eliot Whittall
  • Alonso Wong and Janina Wong
  • Gary Wong
  • Harry Wong
  • Jenny Wong
  • Ruth and Benjamin Woo in honor of Bo Sang Wong
  • Susan Woo
  • George Wu
  • Thomas and Antonia Wu
  • Michael Xavier
  • Jianshao Xie
  • Jane Yang
  • Lucy Yen
  • Bettina Yip and Benjamin Paul Lee
  • Philip and Louise Yoh
  • Nancy Pu Young
  • Wendy Zacuto
  • Li Qin Y Zhou
  • Liping and Philip Zhu
  • Zi Z. Zhu

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