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Have fun. Get engaged. Enjoy better health.

Each month, SteppingStone serves 300 frail, low-income seniors and adults with disabilities living in San Francisco. While our clients have a varying degree of health care needs, they all require some level of assistance in order to continue to live independently.

Our Activities

With the support, health services, and health care management that SteppingStone provides, our clients have the opportunity to improve their physical health and well-being. By receiving treatment, they also become a part of a caring and supportive community. At SteppingStone, we believe that being active and engaged is critical to improving both physical and mental health. To this end, we offer a wide variety of activities to meet the interests of our diverse clientele.

To stimulate the mind, help develop focus and concentration, and to provide an intellectual challenge.

To decrease isolation and depression, create opportunities for connecting with others, and to build community.

To stimulate the senses.

To honor the unique heritage of each of our participants.

Activities like gentle stretching and Tai Chi strengthen mind, body, and spirit and help to ease pain, lessen anxiety, and increase an overall feeling of well-being.

Fun and interactive games such as indoor balloon volleyball, bowling, and our walking club help build strength and emphasize teamwork.

Projects, such as painting, knitting, quilting, collage, clay modeling, poetry writing, and singing provides a non-verbal way for participants to express their creative selves and breaks down cultural and language barriers

Regular outings in San Francisco, which may include a museum field trip, a picnic in Golden Gate Park, or a San Francisco Giants game, stimulate all of the senses and are a real treat for our participants.

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“I like the activities here, especially the art projects.” — Mr. M


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